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About Us

OPA- Global offers extensive operational management experience in challenging and dynamic environments. Harnessing this experience, we have developed simple models and tools that enable a rapid implementation of streamlining processes with no need for heavy investments and expensive resources.


We conduct a comprehensive and professional review of the business, evaluate the challenges it faces and propose an action plan enabling efficient results within a short time.

We will gladly provide you with our extensive knowledge and experience. We will guide you through the implementation and integration of streamlining processes and lead you towards defined goals and objectives.


Among his various positions, he has lead hundreds of people across several facilities in Israel, Europe and the US. He served as a member of the Management Committee and a Director.

He took part in initiating vision, goals and objectives in several companies and converting them into practical work plans, allocating resources and leading the teams all the way to success.

Oz combines a mission-oriented strategic view with long-term planning and execution, encouraging team spirit and strong engagement of the employees to the company’s goals.


“I believe improving customer experience and cultivating human capital goes hand in hand with the growth of the business and increasing revenue”.


OPA-GLOBAL was founded and is run by Oz Peleg who has held senior executive positions for three decades in local and global companies.


Oz is greatly experienced with complex operations working 24/7 and leading large-scale and complex projects in a global, multi -site, multi- cultural environment.

Our Partners

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