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Consulting and Business Development

Succeeding in today’s fast changing business environment requires constant and rapid adjustments and adaptation to the market needs.


We provide a diagnostic process that gives an up to date objective 360°- view on the business. We put the spotlight on reviewing the organizational structure and the internal processes against the company’s challenges, new market penetration and product line expansion.

Internal Audit

  • We review the business activity, workflows and procedures in the light of the company’s defined goals and objectives.

  • We look on the organizational structure, job descriptions, communication and internal and external interfaces.

  • We examine the team engagement to the company’s vision and goals.

  • We help you to implement methods for measuring the company’s success (KPI).

External Audit

  • We map the company’s customer list with respect to the market’s potential.

  • We evaluate the “Customer Journey” from the initial lead, up to the ongoing service. We examine long-term customer loyalty vs the abandonment rate.

  • A SWOT test and the effect on customer experience. (In emphasis on time guzzlers, frustrating issues, communication problems and costs).

  • Does the organization have a measurable Service Level Agreement that meets the customers’ needs and reflected in the company’s objectives?

The Audit process shall be based on business data analysis, in-depth interviews with relevant employees and managers, customers’ feedback and active observation on major organizational activities.


The outcome: A detailed report presenting strengths and positive points to keep / to secure against the painful issues to be removed in order to gain the business results.

An action plan will be recommended based on stages, success factors, priorities, and the necessary resources.


The plan will include practical measures with clear milestones with distinct results at the early stages and at various points throughout the process.

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