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Setting up Control and Service Centers

Control rooms and service centers are the heart of any service provider.

They maintain direct contact with the customers and responsible for the customer experience. In some cases, they face the customer when the company fails to provide, e.g. non-compliance with deadlines, a faulty product or bad service.  They should properly handle the problem at the front line in order to avoid deterioration.

Our experience is based on many years in the media and broadcasting industry. We have been obliged to provide continuous and reliable service for millions of people around the world under any circumstances.


Our services:

  • Defining the company's superiority compared to the competitors based on market analysis and the customers desires.

  • Determining standards, work methods, SLA and the resources required.

  • Selecting and implementing the best tools and processes to serve the customers.

  • Accompanying the team throughout the process from design to full operation.

  • Implementing processes within the organization together with management and employees while creating a mutual commitment as a key success factor.

  • Customization of a knowledge management and training system.


We have vast experience in service centers and we understand the uniqueness and the complexity of it. We can optimize the resources, minimizing mistakes and improving the customer experience within a short time.

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