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Interim Management

Organizations facing challenging changes transformations, growth or crises demand managers with proven experience and leadership skills and new ways of thinking to help the management rapidly lead the company towards its destination.


New recruitment or internal promotion are expensive solutions requiring long training and adaptation period.  Appointing an interim manager, with relevant know-how and vast experience, enables immediate and quick implementation of proven techniques and methods.

Procedural issues and organizational politics will be prevented and replaced by functioning process of implementation, knowledge acquisition and full transparency within the staff.

When are interim management services needed?

  • Changes in the market, new strategy or product line expansion.

  • Reorganizing the business and introducing new workflows.

  • Otimizing business processes, cost pressures and streamlining procedures.

  • Implementation of a new complex project.

  • Setting up new management skills and fresh working methods.

Service Advantages

  • High motivation alongside proven professional skills.

  • Needs analysis, work plan preparation and execution - all included.

  • Implementation based on measurable objectives, timetable and a defined budget.

  • Short-term availability and work scope flexibility.

  • Competitive compared to a permanent staff. No additional or indirect costs.

OPA-GLOBAL’s management services are based on the rapid and assertive implementation of best practice and innovative work methods. We expertise in operations management positions (VP Operations, COO) as well as on process, project and customer experiencemanagement (VP Customer Management, CXO).

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